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Pre- School Funding and Fees

Our Fees


Once your child turns 3 years of age, he/she will be eligible for Government funding from the start of the following term.  We will tell you when your child is eligible and help you with the relevant paper work.  Children are eligible for up to 5 sessions of 3 hours free per week, depending on availability.  The maximum entitlement is 15 hours per week spread over three school terms comprising of a maximum of 38 weeks.  Any hours attended above this allowance will be charged at the normal rate of £5.00 per hour.

If you are registering your child at the age that they become funded, no deposit is required.  If you are moving your child to us during term time and you have claimed funding at another setting, we may ask you to pay your fees in full if we are unable to claim back the funding from the other setting.

We ask that you do not change your sessions during term time as any increase in sessions will be charged in full as we are unable to alter a funding claim.

NOTE: Any extra sessions taken will be charged separately

Paying money into Pre-School

When making payments to Pre-School, please ensure all monies are secured in an envelope (can be a recycled one) with your child’s name, amount and its purpose. 

Voluntary Contributions

We ask parents of funded children to contribute £0.50 per hour to cover snacks and one-off activities (for example we may pay for entertainment or learning activities from external providers).

Rising 5 school lunches

Our Rising 5 children are able to join the Primary School children for lunch on a Thursday - school lunches cost £2.30 which is payable in advance or on the day

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