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Please note:  our standard school day is being slightly adjusted as part of our return to school Covid secure procedures - more information is available on our Covid return to school page


Children should follow the information provided to go straight to their classroom

8:55  School bell rung

Class and dinner registers taken

11:00 – 11.15 Morning break - times will be staggered for each class
12:15 – 1.15 Lunch - times will be staggered for each class

Assemblies will take place via Zoom

3:15 End of day
3:15 – 4:15 After school clubs (unless stated otherwise)


Parking in the Red Cow car park

The Red Cow have kindly given use permission to use their car park atschool drop and collection times

Thank you to those parents/carers who use the Red Cow car park both before and after school.  

For safety reasons,  there will NO parking in the school grounds during ‘Drop Off’ times: 08:45-09:15 and 3:00-3:30.
It has been reported that there has been some very dangerous and illegal parking outside at the junctions – so please be careful and safe. 

Children arriving early

If for any reason your child is asked to arrive at school early (before 8.45 am) (music lessons, numicon, school trips) please make sure you accompany them to the main school entrance (office).

Children arriving late

If for any reason your child arrives at school late (after 9 am) please make sure you accompany them to the office and sign them in.  In the event of a fire this book is used to ensure all the children in the building are accounted for.

Could we ask that, if your child is going to be late in for any reason, i.e. Medical appointments, you contact the school office by 9.30am with their lunch requirements.


End of day pickup

All parents/carers who are going to be late collecting children from school should ring the office before 3.15 p.m. so that we can tell the children to wait in the library


Assemblies will be held via Zoom in the short term

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