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Paying money into school

Exciting news: Online payments are now available

Online payments

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Payments to school can now be made online using Scopay
(via the Scopay website or app).

When paying online please ensure that you select the correct item to add to your basket - i.e. Dinner money should only be paid against the Dinners option, school trips contributions must be made against the specific trip item, other products against the appropriate product line, etc.

Payments for each child should be made against that child's specific account.

If you have not yet registered with Scopay, please contact the school office so that we can send you a letter with instructions on how to register and with the registration codes.

If you require a second payment account set up, please let us know in the school office and we can issue additional registration letters.

Cash or cheque payments sent in to school

Please ensure all monies sent in to school are in an envelope labelled clearly with your child’s name, amount and its purpose. 

All money should be taken by your child into class where it will be collected first thing in the morning.  This is for security reasons as our Financial Regulations state that all money must be checked by 2 people.

We do now accept payments into the office - again it is helpful if any money you bring in is in an envelope and clearly with your child's name and the purpose for the payment.  We will log this in a book in the office and it will be checked by a second person.  It is helpful if you wait while we log receipt.

If you would like to discuss any payments please contact Mrs Thurgood-Buss.


All dinner money (£2.30 per day) should be paid on a Monday (or on the first day of a new term) and cheques should be made payable to: Chrishall Holy Trinity & St Nicholas CE (A) Primary School.

Swimming contributions

We would be grateful if swimming contributions (£4.50 per session) could be paid at the start of the half term  to which they apply.  Cheques should be made payable to Chrishall Holy Trinity & St Nicholas CE (A) Primary School.

School trip contributions

The contributions for school trips vary depending on the trip being undertaken and will be notified in the class newsletter.

Payments for school trips should be made payable to Chrishall Holy Trinity & St Nicholas CE (A) Primary School
unless otherwise advised

Receipts for cash payments into school

If you require a receipt for cash, when the amount is less than £15.00 please put the amount sent in, on a piece of paper inside the envelope.  This will then be signed and returned to you as your receipt.

For amounts over £15.00 receipts will be issued by the school

If you have sent in a cash sum greater then £15 and do not receive a receipt (via your child's book bag) either on the same day, or the following day, please contact the school office so that we can confirm safe receipt

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