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Paying money into school

Reminder: the round pound coins go out of circulation on 15th October - after this date we will no longer be able to accept them in the school office.  You will still be able to take them into your bank.

All money should be sent in on a Monday and should be taken by your child into class where it will be collected first thing in the morning.  This is for security reasons as our Financial Regulations state that all money must be checked by 2 people; once in the classroom and once in the office.

Please ensure all monies are in an envelope labelled clearly with your child’s name, amount and its purpose. 

If you are paying by cheque we do request that separate cheques are provided for (for example) dinner and swimming money, as although they are both payable to ECC they are assigned to separate budget accounts and we need to demonstrate traceability from receipt to paying in for financial audit purposes.

Please do NOT send money in on a Friday

If you would like to discuss any payments please contact Mrs Thurgood-Buss.

Dinner Money

All dinner money (£2.30 per day) should be paid on a Monday (or on the first day of a new term) and cheques should be made payable to Essex County Council.

If you have children in different classes please could you send in dinner money cheques separately for each child (not a combined cheque for a family), this is because we need to allocate the money to each individual child’s account.

Swimming contributions

Even though swimming money (£4.50 per session) and dinner money are both for Essex County Council, please could cheques be written separately.  This is because the money has to be apportioned to separate accounts within ECC.

We know this means that you may have to write more cheques but it is a requirement of our auditing process

School Trip Contributions

The contributions for school trips vary depending on the trip being undertaken and will be notified in the class newsletter.

Payments for school trips should be made payable to Chrishall Primary School.


If you require a receipt for cash, when the amount is less than £15.00 please put the amount sent in, on a piece of paper inside the envelope.  This will then be signed and returned to you as your receipt.

For amounts over £15.00 receipts will be issued by the school

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