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Special menu: Thurs 1 October: American theme - Hot dogs with curly fries and chocolate fudge brownie

School meals

As a school we’re proud of our school meals service.  We are able to offer both hot food and rolls every day of the week.

School meals cost £2.30 per day (£11.50 per week).  Dinner money (payable to Essex County Councilmust be paid in advance either weekly, half termly or termly and preferably on a Monday.  

If a school meal has to be taken in an emergency and arrears are incurred, this will only be accepted for one week.  A note will be sent at the end of the week for payment on the following Monday and the child will have to have packed lunches until the arrears are paid.

As of September 2014 all children in Reception and Key Stage 1 (years 1 and 2) are entitled to a free school dinner

Free school meals

General information on Free School Meals is available from the govenrment website: https://www.gov.uk/apply-free-school-meals

The Essex Free School Meals service has a web site which gives further details and the facility to apply on line: - Essex

Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire also have information and application forms available at the following websites:-

         Cambridgeshire                                              Hertfordshire

  • Even if your child is in receipt of universal infant free school meals (i.e. where your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2), you can still apply if you believe you may be eligible for free school meals, because the protection will continue beyond Year 2 and your child may be eligible for Pupil Premium funding.

Current menu

If your child has special dietary requirements these have been accommodated within the main menu this term - please see the Specific Dietary requirements line (in addition dairy free and milk free options have been marked with DF or MF)

Autumn 2020

Autumn 2020 Special requirements

Dinner registers

If your child is going to be late in for any reason, i.e. Medical appointments, please contact the school office by 9.30am with their lunch requirements.  We need to inform the kitchen staff by 9.30 am of choices so that they have time to prepare. 

Dinner money balances

Credits arising from previous terms are carried forward and you will have been notiified of the amount at the end of the previous term.  Please take any money in credit off from the total for the current half term.

If you have incurred arrears from a previous term please include this amount with your first payment for the new term as dinner money needs to be paid in advance.

Dinner costs for 2020 - 2021

The amounts shown below do NOT account for ANY school trips.

Term  w/c No dinners /week Cost/week Cost per half term
Autumn 31-Aug 2 £4.60 £82.80
Autumn 07-Sep 5 £11.50  
Autumn 14-Sep 5 £11.50  
Autumn 21-Sep 5 £11.50  
Autumn 28-Sep 5 £11.50  
Autumn 05-Oct 5 £11.50  
Autumn 12-Oct 5 £11.50  
Autumn 19-Oct 4 £9.20  
Autumn 02-Nov 5 £11.50 £80.50
Autumn 09-Nov 5 £11.50  
Autumn 16-Nov 5 £11.50  
Autumn 23-Nov 5 £11.50  
Autumn 30-Nov 5 £11.50  
Autumn 07-Dec 5 £11.50  
Autumn 14-Dec 5 £11.50  
Spring 04-Jan 4 £9.20 £66.70
Spring 11-Jan 5 £11.50  
Spring 18-Jan 5 £11.50  
Spring 25-Jan 5 £11.50  
Spring 01-Feb 5 £11.50  
Spring 08-Feb 5 £11.50  
Spring 22-Feb 5 £11.50 £57.50
Spring 01-Mar 5 £11.50  
Spring 08-Mar 5 £11.50  
Spring 15-Mar 5 £11.50  
Spring 22-Mar 5 £11.50  
Summer 12-Apr 4 £9.20 £73.60
Summer 19-Apr 5 £11.50  
Summer 26-Apr 5 £11.50  
Summer 03-May 4 £9.20  
Summer 10-May 5 £11.50  
Summer 17-May 5 £11.50  
Summer 24-May 4 £9.20  
Summer 07-Jun 5 £11.50 £75.90
Summer 14-Jun 5 £11.50  
Summer 21-Jun 5 £11.50  
Summer 28-Jun 5 £11.50  
Summer 05-Jul 5 £11.50  
Summer 12-Jul 5 £11.50  
Summer 19-Jul 3 £6.90  
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