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Our school values are integral to life at Chrishall and we are proud to see our children living them in everyday life. Recently, children were asked to think about what our school values meant to them. Edward’s creation from year one has become our visual vision, as we believe it really portrays all our school values.

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Please click the document below to download our Ethos & Aims in PDF format. 

Visual Mission statement

To fulfill our mission statement, our aims are:

• Provide a safe, happy learning environment for all our pupils.

• Provide a supportive and creative learning environment for all our pupils, and in so doing uphold the tradition of our foundation and enhance the Christian ethos of our school.

• Foster a sense of belonging to our school community and extend that relationship to parents, guardians and the wider community.

• Encourage all pupils to reach their full potential, become confident, independent learners and to develop a positive attitude toward life long learning.

• Stimulate, nurture and develop lively, enquiring minds.

• Develop in pupils, self-esteem, a sense of purpose and the ability to relate to others.

• Promote a school culture in which individuals feel valued, are praised for their efforts and successes, encouraged when they encounter difficulties and are treated in fair and consistent ways when their behaviour is unacceptable.

• Respect and understand the ideas and beliefs of others irrespective of gender, race, ethnic culture, faith, sexual orientation, disability or individual differences.

• Foster the development of a school culture, which affects equal value to all its members, encourages truthfulness, self-discipline and mutual respect.

• Develop knowledge and skills to equip pupils for worldwide leisure as active, healthy, confident and responsible members in a rapidly changing world.

• Develop a balanced, caring, proactive attitude for the environment.

• Work to achieve continuity and progression through a creative curriculum, which encompasses a broad range of enjoyable and purposeful learning experiences.

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