Religious Education

Religious Education

  • Sat 4th May

    'The Light of the World' (Tracey Bratley)

    'Light of the World' underpins our new school vision and children have been undertaking different tasks to help them understand what this means.

    Our reception children in Potter Class have been exploring light and dark and have talked about how God helps us to see in the dark and guides us. They related light to kindness and being happy and darkness to unkindness and being sad.


    Our year one and two children in Nightingale Class discussed how our 5 school values: Compassion, Citizenship, Caring, Creativity and Courage can link to 'Let Your Light Shine'.  They thought about how they could let their 'light' shine by making sure that their share their talents and good qualities with others, rather than keeping them hidden/in the dark.  Inspired by a book that Luca had brought into school to share with everyone, they made their own picture card creation that showed their good qualities/talents only being shown when they are in the light.



    In Class Lowry, year three and four children used the Bible to carry out research to find out when light is referred to.  Discussion was had about what they think the references meant.  Links were made with our school values.





  • Sat 4th May

    It's All Good - We are made in God's image (Tracey Bratley)

    In this week's assembly, we used 'Care', one of our school values to help us explore what it means to be in God's image. A poem about the Creation story was shared to help us think about the most special thing that we thought God had made and to help us realise how very special God is.


    We also watched a great clip about the Creation story.  By seeing the Creation Story presented in a poem and through art in an animation, we were also able to think about Creativity - another one of our school values.

    We decided that God was the most special thing that God made as people are made in God's image.  I explained that part of this is to do with creativity - with making, imagining and loving, like God did when he made the world.


  • Sun 28th Apr

    Sunday 28th April (Tracey Bratley)

    I hope everyone had a lovely break over the Easter Holidays and was able to enjoy the sunshine. With it being St Georges’s Day on the first day back, I was able to link ‘Courage’, one of our school values to St George, the patron Saint of St England.  After some fun role-play, we were able to understand that whilst we may not be physically brave like St George, we can be brave by not following a crowd when we know that something is wrong or by doing things by making the world a better place. We also listened to story about St George and the dragon:

  • Wed 10th Apr

    Wednesday 10th April (Tracey Bratley)

    Spring Term ended in a very special way, with us all coming together for our Easter Service, which was held at the church.  The day started perfectly as we walked in the glorious sunshine to the church.  'Compassion', one of our new school values was used to theme our service this year, and after a group of children opened the service with a lovely Easter poem, the choir sang 'No Matter What' - a beautiful song about compassion.    

    As the photographs show, children in Class Lowry (Years 3 & 4) performed an interesting and informative sketch about Palm Sunday.


    Our reception children from Class Potter focused on 'The Last Supper' and exhibited a wonderful 'Last Supper' banner that they had all worked hard to create back in class.  They sang 'Take this bread' and we were all impressed with how successful they were in retelling events that happended during 'The Last Supper'.

      Class Newton performed a very powerful sketch about the 'Crucifixion' - 'Conversations at the Cross' and through this, we were able to think about the event from different people's perspectives.


    After singing 'Lord of the Dance' and a reading from Matthew 28:1-20, Class Nigtingale (Years 1 & 2) performed a poem called 'He is risen'.  


    Reverend Anand led the prayers and blessing and used some great props to help us understand the Easter Story.

      Easter wouldn't be Easter without us singing one of our favourite Easter songs - 'A Spring Chicken', which we sang to conclude the morning at the church.



  • Sat 19th Oct

    Saturday 19th October (Fiona Dyer)

    What a great day Sukkot was yesterday! The children drew an amazing imaginary Sukkah each. The designs were extremely imaginative, ranging from Sukkah on dirt bikes to Sukkah in trees and even a Sukkah on a dog!

    They also made decorations for the Sukkot they had made on Thursday.

    Everybody made a Lulav and we took them out to a waving ceremony with the whole school. Reverend Anand read the prayer in Hebrew and we all waved the Lulav in the six directions according to Jewish law.

    Finally we finished the day in our Sukkot with a biscuit Sukkah we had made and somr breadsticks and raita. After all the festival of Sukkot is all about celebrating the harvest with friends and family.