Welcome to the Chrishall Phonics Blog. We hope you will find the information below useful. From Autumn Term 2021 we will be using the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised Phonics scheme. Please find below some documents which we hope you will find useful.

  • Tue 25th Jan

    Year 1 Phonics News Week ending 21st January 2022 (Tracy Cook)

    In our phonics sessions this week we have been learning about the following GPcS:

    y making a long i sound (fly, reply, why)

    ow making a long oa sound (snow, follow, yellow)

    g making a j sound (giant, gem, magic)

    ph making a ff sound (photo, dolphin, elephant)

    We have also learnt to read and practise the spelling of Tricky Words: who, whole, where, two

  • Thu 13th Jan

    Year 1 Phonics News Week Ending 14th January 2022 (Tracy Cook)

    In Phonics this week, Year 1 have been learning to Grow the Code (learning that some graphemes can make more than one sound).

    y making a long 'ee' sound at the end of words (silly, happy, smelly)

    ea making a short 'e' sound (head, bread, thread)

    oe and ou making a long 'oa' sound in some words, but that this is quite rare  (toe, goes, shoulder, boulder)

    We have also learnt a new grapheme (way of writing a sound) for the phoneme 'w' 

                                           wh  (white, whale, whisper) 

    We noticed that this digraph comes at the beginning of words and not the end.

    We have also learnt to read and spell the Tricky Words: any, many, again


  • Mon 6th Dec

    Year 1 Phonics News Week ending 3rd December (Tracy Cook)

    This week has been a revision week of all the sounds and tricky words that we have worked on this half term. 

    I simply had to share the following pictures, which show the children working hard to write dictated sentences. The room was literally buzzing with the sounds of each child segmenting the words they wanted to spell in order to complete each sentence! The level of concentration was amazing and the children were clearly proud of their efforts, as was I!