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  • Fri 8th Dec

    Last few weeks of term! (Sarah Stratton)

    Well, we've nearly made it to the end of another terrific term: the Christmas Tree is up in class; the Newton Orchestra is rehearsing well for playing in the Carol Concert on the last afternoon of school before we break up for the festive season; and we've been flying around the world with the MAF Advent Calendar. You can do this at home too if you'd like. https://gb.mafadvent.org/ The user name is ChrishallAdvent and the pass word is Advent.

    Experience Outcome

    Thank you to every who joined is for the first part of our experience outcome this term. It was great to see so many come along to our artefact exhibition last week. The Kingdom of Benin has been a new learing area for us at Chrishall and has real engaged the children in its cultural, historical and political facets.


    Next week, we'll be starting the second half of our experince outcome to write an animal creation picture for the children's YR and Y1 buddies. Excited is a bit of an understatement. Mrs Crooks and Mrs Stratton are really looking forward to reading these too!

    Santa Fun-Fit Camp

    Thank to our four sports leaders for organising a morning of fun and fitness activties for the whole school. They invented theyir own games, orgniases the resources needed and lead some great sessions for all the classes. Well done girls. Ten children also went to Lord Butler Leisure Centre to compete in the next round of the Dodgeball Tournament.Mrs Hill fedback on their sporting behaviour and honesty in the face of some tough competition. 


    Science: Light




    Last week in science, we learned that light travels in straight lines. We deduced that this must be physics as it was about how thing travel (or don't travel). This week we looked out how we can "bend" light using two mirrors and build our own periscopes. Some children also got to crerate their own optical illusion spinners by creating coloured discs and a double thread to spin them as farst as possible. Handly, the spinners also double up a great tree baubles too! Here is an experiment to try at home if you have a mirror and a reasonable powerful torch with a narrow beam to explore rays of incidence and rays of reflection. The protractor is optional. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vp-4CIqORQs. We couldn't get the class room dark enough to do this successfully this week.