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  • Message from Tilly - Yellow Team Sport's Ambassador (Mrs Bratley)

    "Hi Yellow Team,

    I know it is very different to do the games at home this year but I also know that it will be soooo fun so go out and get sporty. When you do, here is something to think about - get outside, get sporty and win those points because I know that once you have done an activity you will feel sooooo proud of yourself! 

    It might be hard at first because of the exhausting heat of the summer and it is going to get hotter but when you're out there doing the really fun RAINBOW GAMES, you will forget the heat and will just have fun. Another thing to think about is - it's not about getting more points than your friends or winning it's about having lots and lots of fun whether you're at home or at school. 

    Please remember to send Mrs Bratley some pics on the DB primary and let her know how you're getting on.  I know this will be lots of fun.

    I hope this will encourage  you to continue in your RANBOW GAME activities and training. Have fun!!!

    From your yellow team captain and sports ambassador,  Tilly smiley"

    If you don't know what team you are in, don't worry, you will be told when you are in school.

  • Virtual Sport's Week (Mrs Bratley)

    On Friday, our Sports Ambassadors shared information about our sport's week activities that we're part in at home for National Sports Week.  There are 7 challenges that need to be completed and your scores for each challenge need to be added to your score sheet.  

    Click on the link below for information about the 7 challenges and remember to use the 3 core values: Determination, Honesty and Accountability.  


    As we're having a sporty week, you may also like to doing some of these challenges that I've added ...

    Monday's Challenge: Parent vs Kids Football Challenge

    Tuesday's Challenge: Sitting Volleyball Challenge

    Wednesday's Challenge: Juggling Challenge

    Thursday's Challenge: Zumba Challenge

    Friday's Challenge: Fitness Challenge - Parents vs Kids Challenge

    Don't forget about Joe Wick's daily PE sessions