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Class Newton Autumn Term 366

Sports Clubs offered at Chrishall

Football Club - Mondays (Yr 1-4)

Funky Feet - Mondays

Tennis - Tuesdays

Netball - Wednesdays

Football - Thursdays (Yr 5/6 Fixtures)

Running - Friday lunchtime

Hockey - Friday (Yr 5/6 Fixtures)

  • Fri 15th Feb

    Y3-4 Tag Rugby (Sarah Stratton)

    After a term of training with Gaynor the sport coach, three teams from Lowry went to JFAN to take part in a "Schools Family" Tag Rugby Event. The children showcased the skills they have been learning and showed great team work and stamina. Contragualtions to the Red Team on getting through to represent our class later in the term.


  • Sun 10th Feb

    Sport's Update (Tracey Bratley)

    Following a term of hockey training every Friday after school at JFAN, children from Class Newton played their first hockey match against Farnham on Friday.  For their first match, the children played amazingly well.  Their performance demonstrated some great team work, with some high quality passing.  Well Done everyone, a well deserved 0-0 score!  Look forward to seeing what you can do in your next match!


  • Thu 31st Jan

    Lowry Class Tag Rugby Spring 2019 (Sarah Stratton)

    Lowry Class are in preparation for the Y3/4 Tag Rugby tournament this half term. The sport's coach, Gaynor has been helping prepare the children for this exciting challenge. Good luck to all the three teams taking part.