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Class Newton Autumn Term 366

Sports Clubs offered at Chrishall

Football Club - Mondays (Yr 1-4)

Funky Feet - Mondays

Tennis - Tuesdays

Netball - Wednesdays

Football - Thursdays (Yr 5/6 Fixtures)

Running - Friday lunchtime

Hockey - Friday (Yr 5/6 Fixtures)

  • Thu 6th Feb

    Fitness Club (Sarah Stratton)

    Fitness club has been running this half term. Each session we have focussed on a different set of skills- this week was reflexes and reactions. The session start with a very competive circuit of bean-bag air hockey.


  • Mon 20th Jan

    Swimming Gala Report: Chloe and Bethan (Sarah Stratton)

    Swimming Gala

    On Wednesday the 15th of January, some KS2 children attended the annual swimming gala at the Lord Butler Leisure Centre. We competed in different events including: the medley relay; freestyle relay and 25 metre or 50 metre single events. Even though, for some people, it was terrifying,we all had heaps and heaps of fun. Our favourite part was when we were cheering on our friends when they were racing and being in the water doing what we love.

    Year 3 and 4 came an astonishing 2nd and year 5 and 6 also came 2nd. The year 6 girls ,who have taken part over the years, will definitely miss this amazing experience, as it was their last ever swimming gala they will ever do representing Chrishall Primary School. We all did extemely well in all our races. Most people received at least one certificate but the judging was very harsh.The year 6 all agreed that they finished their last swimming gala with Chrishall on a high note and in style.

  • Wed 15th Jan

    All Aboard for the Marvellous Mayans (Sarah Stratton)

    Class Newton are straight back into their learning this week, becoming quest seekers as we follow the two main characters through the Jaguar Stones: Book 1: Middleworld. The children have been introduced to Max- not a very inspiring hero at the moment- and the ever so cool character of Lola. We will  be using this text to inspire the creation of quest stories, which the children will present through stop frame animation over the next couple of months. The children will also be learning about the Mayan culture to enable them to develop the stories steeped in legend and mystery. 

    The children used maps and atlases to identify the countries of Mesoamerica adn which modern day countries formed the Mayan Civilisation. They also found out the meaning of the word civilisation and what made the Maya so civilised.

    Using their new knowledge and persuasive language, they wrote letter to Max to persuade him to learn more about the Mayan culture.

    Please look at the Experience Outcome, Home Learning and Knowledge organiser tabs for more information.

    ?It was the first fitness club for our 'Make a Change' SMSC theme. Great to see lots of fun (and aerobic activity).



  • Fri 22nd Nov

    Dodgeball (Sarah Stratton)

    DODGE BALL Sports Leaders’ report y Year 6 and 5 leaders.

    On Wednesday 13th November 2019, Class Newton took part in a dodge ball tournament at JFAN and we were very successful. We had a lot of fun and luckily, the black team (Team A), managed to go through to the finals. We will play on Wednesday 20th November. We hope they will do well.

    On Wednesday 20th November, Team A, took part in the Dodgeball Tournament and played extremely well. Over all they came 10th out of 16 other competitive schools, with lots of schools tying for positions.

    The team  played well together and were organised and when we had to choose subs. They all took it in turns and were fair. They had lots of fun when playing, and we hope Class Newton will have another chance to play in a dodgeball tournament again before the Year 6s leave. Our star players were chosen because one was always willing to give up all her energy on court and the other was determined to try his best and give it his all to try a win. Class Newton can’t want for the next tournament.