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Rescuers and Rescued Climbers on the Hill

Rescuers and Rescued Climbers on the Hill (Mrs E Bicknell)

Rescuers and Rescued climbers on the Hill


This great game was created by the children. It involves them all and uses many of the skills they are encouraged to learn at Forest School.

Over the weeks the game has involved everyone. They are either being rescued or doing the rescuing. The roles seem interchangeable. All of them work together to fix ropes to the protruding roots so they can be used to help each other up the hill. The children recognised the need to tie good knots and as a warm up activity one week – everybody practised at circle time.

Once rescued or the job of rescuing is done for the day, refreshments are available made, by some members of the team, in the plastic buckets. Chocolate cake and drinking chocolate are often on offer.