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Spring (Elizabeth)

Seasonal Change – Observing and Learning the names of plants signalling Spring is coming

As the season turns from winter to spring plants begin to grow and flower indicating the changing season.

To help children spot these plants emerging and learn their names actions and dramatic voices are fun to do:-

Snowdrops – Galanthus

On sighting these early spring flowers with their dropped heads. Children can be encourage to call snowdrop and then drop their own heads and stretch our their arms to show how the flower drops below the level of the plants leaves.

Lords and Ladies -Arums Maculatum

Are also known as Lords and Ladies – so the children can unfurl an imaginary cloak to go with the plant’s unfurling leaves and then bow as a lord would to a lady.


Hazel catkins – Corylus

The hazel catkins resemble lambs tails and the children can ‘bounce and wiggle’ like spring lambs.

Dogs’ Mercury – Mercurialis perennis

These green leaves with their non de script white flowers simply have to be barked at.

Later in the spring as the daffodils (narcissus) open and the cleavers (Galium aparine)climb through the emerging nettles -imaginary trumpets can be blown to represent the daffodils’ corona and the children stick to each other to pretend to be cleavers.