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  • Wed 21st Sep

    Lowry Class Autumn 1 2022 (Angela Christie)

    This week in Science the children have continued to explore sound. The children undertook some experiments to test how sound vibrations travel. 


  • Thu 5th May

    Lowry Class (Angela Christie)

    This week in Lowry Class the children have been exploring magnets. They used magnets to test a variety of small shiny objects to see if they were magnetic. The focus of the learning was observing and recording.


    Following on from magnets, Class Lowry have been conducting experiments on forces. They have been investigating friction on smooth and rough surfaces.


  • Fri 18th Mar

    Friday 18th March (Fiona Dyer)

    We have all been enjoying science week! 

    We all took part in a whole scool investigation to see if the person with the biggest foot could jump the furthest. Our science skill focus was on recording data but as always there were so many skills on show with our super scientists: great measuring, great predictions and super collaborations! 


    Everyone was sent home with a sunflower seed to plant this week too. I can't wait to see how tall they can grow! Where will you put yours to give it the winning chance? 

  • Thu 17th Mar

    Lowry Class (Angela Christie)

    In Lowry Class the children have been testing the hardness and permeability of rock.