Religious Education

Religious Education

Our curriculum

We use an equiry based approach in the teaching of RE, that encourages theological literacy and deep questioning of faith.

Christianity is taught in every year group, with Christmas and Easter given new treatment each year, developing the learning in a progressive way. Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism are also covered. Humanist perspectives are added when appropriate in some enquiries. 

We believe Religious Education is a key player in engendering knowledge and understanding which can lead to tolerance and respect for others and their beliefs. It does not, however, teach children to passively accept, but rather encourages evaluation and critical thinking, equipping them to consider belief positions they encounter

  • Sat 22nd May

    Saturday 22nd May (Fiona Dyer)

    Class Nightingale have been learning about Judaism this half term and thinking about the relationship Jewish people have with God. They found out about the Mezuzah: (Hebrew word meaning “doorpost”): A small parchment scroll upon which the Hebrew words of the Shema are handwritten by a scribe. Mezuzah scrolls are rolled up and affixed to the doorposts of Jewish homes, designating the home as Jewish and reminding those who live there of their connection to G?d and their heritage. The use of the Mezuzah in Jewish homes makes me ponder on the questions: Is it important to let people know about your beliefs? How do you do that?