Eco Squad Blog
  • Summer Holiday Activities (Mrs Bratley)

    Will, Bea and Aurelia's family have been busy this holiday adding these wonderful new additions to their garden.  Inspired by our school work, a superb bug hotel has been made.


  • Gardening Club (Mrs Bratley)

    What a fab job our gardening team are doing with planting our bee-friendly plants and vegetables.


    And look what they've grown .... beetroot and homegrown potatoes - served on our school sald bar.


  • Duracell's Big Battery Count (Mrs Bratley)

    Our boxes have arrived and we're ready to start collecting!

  • Your Planet: Environmental News (Mrs Bratley)

    We will be posting weekly updates about stories around the world that are affecting our planet. This week we have endangered whales in Cape Cod, research into pig noises and the refilling of 'the sea of Galilee'.  Weekly stories will also be shared in Monday's assemblies with Mrs Bratley.


    Click on the link and scroll down to the Planet Earth section.

  • Community Litter Pick (Mrs Bratley)

    We have made a school pledge to collect 30 or more bags of rubbish.  Please help to keep our community clean and tidy.  Let us know if you collect a bag.


  • Save the Bees (Mrs Bratley)

    Eco Squad is keen to inform everyone about why it is important to save our bees and what we can do to help conserve them.  We are currently putting together a 'Save our Bees' display and planning for our back to school 'Bee Friendly' assembly  in the Summer Term.

    Below are some stories and interesting facts to help us find out how wonderful bees are and to help us understand why we should save bees ...



  • Book Swap Shop (Mrs Bratley)

    We have now run two successful 'Book Swap Events' and we will be continuing with them throughout the Summer Term.  We are hoping to be having a 'Teddy Bear Swap' and 'Toy Swap' next term as well.


  • Saving Energy (Mrs Bratley)

    Some of our Eco Squad team busy making mini signs to put around the school to remind everyone about saving energy by turning off lights.


  • Eco Squad Action (Mrs Bratley)

    Click on the link below to find out about more about the actions for our keyaims for this year ...

    Waste: To support the school in understanding the importance of recycling so that everyone can take an active role in recycling and reducing waste.

    Transport: To support the school in understanding the impact that air pollution has on our environment.

    School Grounds: To continue to support the school in using and valuing our outdoor environment.

    Marine: To support the school in reducing the use of single-use plastics in school and at home and to support everyone in understanding the reasons why.

    Litter: To support the school in reducing the amount of litter in our environment.

    Healthy Living: To support everyone in leading a healthy lifestyle.

    Global Citizenship: To support the school community in understanding the impact that buying Fairtrade can have on our environment.

    Energy: To support the school community in understanding why it is important to save energy.

    Biodiversity: To support the school in understanding why it is important to have a healthy ecosystem as our future depends on it – for our health, the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.

    Water: To support the school in understanding why it is important to reduce the amount of water we use.

    Our Key Eco Aims: /essex/primary/chrishall/arenas/ecosquad/web/chrishallecokeyaims2021-2022.pdf

  • Friday 25th June (Mrs Dyer)

    The ECO squad had a great camp over at Rowley HIll Farm last weekend!

    Here are some qoutes from the children: "I really enjoyed the camping trip, rummaging in the meadow, exploring in the forest and roasting marshmallows." "I loved seeing all the nature and walking in the forest." "I loved whacking a path through the woods."

    An area of the woods had not been touched for over a year, so the children had to use a stick to clear a path through the undergrowth. 

    We explored the wild flower meadow and found some rare wildflowers. We found Broomrape flowers and Bee Orchids. 

    We went on a spooky walk through the woods then had toasted marshmallows.

    The next day we were challenged to make a wild flower rainbow. 

    On a walk around the Farm we noticed the soil layer and had a great discussion about how precious it is. The picture says it all. 

    We were so proud of all the children! a



  • RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch (Mrs Bratley)

    We hope you all have lots of fun taking part in this year's Big Garden Birdwatch.

    Take a look at some of the fantastic posters made by our Eco Squad and School Council teams.


  • Getting growing! (Mrs Stratton)

  • Eco Squad Christmas Stall Decorations (Islay)

    Eco Squad makes ornaments for the Christmas Fair


    As usual Eco Squad made ornaments for the sale at the annual school christmas fair. This year our objective was to use all recycled materials and no glue in making our ornaments. 

    Every member thought of a Christmas decoration. The ideas included; 

    1. Dried apple star hangars
    2. Curtain-ring Santas
    3. Sock snowmen
    4. Jesus in a nutshell
    5. Felted wool balls
    6. Heart keyrings
    7. Bottle Snowmen
    8. God's Eye's
    9. Waste fabric pom poms
    10. Pencil sharpening Christmas Trees

    At the fair everything was sold and we raised £17! 

    We just about achieved our objective because we used a little bit of glue. 

    Happy Christmas everybody!

  • Harvest Feast (Islay)

    Harvest Feast


    In Church at the Harvest Festival Eco Squad gave out home-made soup and applejuice. We had tomato soup and leek and parsnip soup along with freshly pressed apple juice. The applejuice was made with delicious apples supplied by the Dring family and the vegetables for the soup came from the school garden.


    We all had a very enjoyable morning. Ula, Izzy and lots of the parents said everything was DELICIOUS. There was enough left for soup and applejuice left to be served at school lunch.