• Sun 6th Oct

    Saturday 2nd February (Fiona Dyer)

    We have been working on our Puppet Pals movies this week. We have to use our Super Teamwork skills in this task, so Captain Sharer and The Listener have been around quite alot in Nightingale class. The movies are really making us think about the structure of stories and the importance of both plot and dialogue.


  • Sun 6th Oct

    Saturday 16th February (Fiona Dyer)

    We held a premier of our Traction Man films this week. We invited Potter class in to share some popcorn and watch our films. It was just like the Oscars!

    We will be sad to say goodbye to the superheroes next half term, but we keep them in our hearts!

    Listen to our Superhero Sentences here. /essex/primary/chrishall/arenas/nightingale/web/superheroes.pptx

  • Sun 6th Oct

    Sunday 3rd March (Fiona Dyer)

    This half term we are learning about Italy. We will make pizzas later in the term and have our own take away pizza parlour.

    We have been enjoying doing some Yoga in the mornings. Here we are doing a sun pose. Starting the day with positive affirmations has been really lovely.

    We got some Farmvention certificates and rulers this week for taking part in the NFU STEM competition earlier in the year. Here we are with out certificates.

  • Sun 6th Oct

    Friday 7th June (Fiona Dyer)

    We have thoroughly enjoyed our Monet day. We used "Houses of Parliament" as our inspiration (as Mrs Dyer thought this looked like a castle and this term our experience outcome will be a castle day.)

    We started by sketching the scene with a variety of drawing materials. We used charcoal, graphite pencils, crayons and water colour pencils. Our favourite seemed to be the charcoal and graphite pencils as they allow for variety in tone and texture.

    After lunch we made paintings. We used crayons for our castle and water colours for our backgrounds. Thewax resisted the watercolours so could see our castle through the paintings. We also had to learn about how to create reflection and the different types of brushstrokes needed for different effects.

  • Sun 6th Oct

    Sunday 20th January (Fiona Dyer)

    We have taken inspriration from Roy Lichtenstein for our art this term and we are creating pop art inspired landscapes. We started by exploring the four different kinds of lines we could make and created outlines of a landscape at sunset. Next we used cotton buds to dot paint onto our paper in a pop art style. The children were restricted to using the primary colours and black to colour their paintings. Here are some of the results so far.

  • Sun 6th Oct

    Thursday 10th January (Fiona Dyer)

    We have started our experience outcome reading Traction Man. We have laughed and laughed at his adventures.

    We have made our own superheroes too.