Breakfast Club Blog
  • Monday 15th July (Josie)

    We have been very lucky to receive some new equipment in our Breakfast Club. The children have really enjoyed playing with the wooden shapes and have created some wonderful pieces. 

    Adam's Eiffel Tower below:

    Archie's Castle below:



  • Wednesday 3rd July (Josie)

    Following on from our French Breakfast on Monday the children spent their time this morning making some Eiffel Tower collages using straws. They all look lovely


  • Wednesday 5th June (Josie)

    The children really enjoyed doing some weaving today, some found it a little tricky but I was really impressed with their perserverance. You can see by the concentraion on their faces that they were determined to get the hang of it. They were very pleased with the finished articles and keen to take them home to put on display smiley.


  • Tuesday 2nd April (Josie)

    We made a start on our planters this morning. We've used recycled tin cans and have decoupaged them using a variety of left over bits of wrapping paper. This amused the children as some of the paper was old Christmas wrap. They all did a great job and are all looking forward to planting some tomatoes after the Easter break.


    Here are some of the finished planters, they look lovely!

  • Thursday 21st March (Josie)

    Poppy spent alot of time this morning building her farmyard, she was so impressed with it that she insisted I take a picture before we cleared away smiley.


  • Tuesday 5th March (Josie)

    All the children came into school very excited to be having pancakes for breakfast. They all had lot's of fun too trying to toss the pancakes.......not all of them landed in the pan! smiley



  • Wednesday 6th February (Josie)

    We managed to do our chopstick challenge today, after a little bit of practice the children teamed up to see how many shredded wheat they could put in a bowl within 30 seconds. Lots of fun was had and some children went on to do some individual races. Some also insisted on using the chopsticks to eat their breakfast.


  • Tuesday 5th February (Josie)

    We celebrated Chinese New Year today by making some lovely stain glass pigs. They were a bit fiddly to make but the children were very patient and seemed to enjoy themselves. Unfortunatley we ran out of time to play our chopstick challenge so will be continuing the theme this space! smiley

  • Tuesday 18th December (Josie)

    We had lots of fun making our Christmas fruit kebabs this morning, even more fun eating them! wink




  • Friday 14th December (Josie)

    The children have been busy this week finishing off their homemade creations for their loved ones. They also all worked hard to make a very long paperchain in time to decorate the serving hatch for our Christmas Lunch on Thursday.

    A big thank you to Jules who made us some lovely bacon sandwiches on Thursday morning smiley.

  • Friday 16th November (Josie)

    Adam, Lottie and Amelia kept themselves very busy yesterday making a marble run, Adam put the finishing touches to it today and was pleased to see that it worked! 


  • Tuesday 30th October (Josie)

    I was very impressed with Archie's patience today whilst making this farmyard dominoes track, it was a shame to have to ask him to clear it away at the end of the session smiley.



  • Thursday 18th October (Josie)

    We had a very busy morning, not only did we make some conker snakes we also hung our bird feeders out on the tree that we made yesterday . We are hoping that the birds will enjoy the treats that we have left for them, I think that my homework is to try and get a picture of them!

    I hope all the snakes made it home in one piece? Adam has decided to call his one Jeffrey and is going to paint it during the half term. It would be good to hear what names have been given to the rest of the snakes.

    Have a lovely half term.




  • Wednesday 10th October 2018 (Josie)

    After collecting some leaves earlier in the week it was lovely to see the children create these lovely suncatchers. Look out for some more Autumnal creations!