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Breakfast Club

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Welcome to our Breakfast Club Blog!

Breakfast Club runs from 7:30 to 8:45am Monday to Friday. The children participate in various activities and crafts untill 8am at which point they all sit down together and enjoy a choice of cereal, toast and fruit. Crumpets and pancakes also go down very well too on occassion. It's a lovely part of the morning as it also gives the children a chance to talk about various subjects as a group.

Once breakfast is finished the children help to clear up and then spend the remainder of the session playing with their choice of activity.

For further information on how to book a session please contact the school office.


  • Fri 7th Jun

    Wednesday 5th June (Josie Wall)

    The children really enjoyed doing some weaving today, some found it a little tricky but I was really impressed with their perserverance. You can see by the concentraion on their faces that they were determined to get the hang of it. They were very pleased with the finished articles and keen to take them home to put on display smiley.


  • Tue 9th Apr

    Tuesday 2nd April (Josie Wall)

    We made a start on our planters this morning. We've used recycled tin cans and have decoupaged them using a variety of left over bits of wrapping paper. This amused the children as some of the paper was old Christmas wrap. They all did a great job and are all looking forward to planting some tomatoes after the Easter break.


  • Fri 22nd Mar

    Thursday 21st March (Josie Wall)

    Poppy spent alot of time this morning building her farmyard, she was so impressed with it that she insisted I take a picture before we cleared away smiley.


  • Thu 21st Mar

    Tuesday 5th March (Josie Wall)

    All the children came into school very excited to be having pancakes for breakfast. They all had lot's of fun too trying to toss the pancakes.......not all of them landed in the pan! smiley