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Breakfast Club

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Welcome to our Breakfast Club Blog!

Breakfast Club runs from 7:30 to 8:45am Monday to Friday. The children participate in various activities and crafts untill 8am at which point they all sit down together and enjoy a choice of cereal, toast and fruit. Crumpets and pancakes also go down very well too on occassion. It's a lovely part of the morning as it also gives the children a chance to talk about various subjects as a group.

Once breakfast is finished the children help to clear up and then spend the remainder of the session playing with their choice of activity.

For further information on how to book a session please contact the school office.


  • Fri 8th Feb

    Wednesday 6th February (Josie Wall)

    So we managed to do our chopstick challenge today, after a little bit of practice the children teamed up to see how many shredded wheat they could put in a bowl within 30 seconds. Lots of fun was had and some children went on to do some individual races. Some also insisted on using the chopsticks to eat their breakfast.


  • Tue 5th Feb

    Tuesday 5th February (Josie Wall)

    We celebrated Chinese New Year today by making some lovely stain glass pigs. They were a bit fiddly to make but the children were very patient and seemed to enjoy themselves. Unfortunatley we ran out of time to play our chopstick challenge so will be continuing the theme this space! smiley

  • Tue 18th Dec

    Tuesday 18th December (Josie Wall)

    We had lots of fun making our Christmas fruit kebabs this morning, even more fun eating them! wink




  • Sun 16th Dec

    Friday 14th December (Josie Wall)

    The children have been busy this week finishing off their homemade creations for their loved ones. They also all worked hard to make a very long paperchain in time to decorate the serving hatch for our Christmas Lunch on Thursday.

    A big thank you to Jules who made us some lovely bacon sandwiches on Thursday morning smiley.